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Week 6: Kat Simons

Why yes, that is Kat Simons in that picture. She’s pretty awesome.

When I started this project, I had a few people/organizations in mind that I would Batter in the beginning and had hoped that people would rally and start the nomination process. (That would be the whole social experiment portion of this project.) And, after a little poking and prodding, nominations are starting to trickle in. This week, Paul Spicer nominated that voice we all love, Kat Simons from Lite 98.

This week has been an especially busy week so the theme of today’s blog post is time. It seems to play a roll in everything that I have to talk about right now. And to start that off, let’s talk about all of the time that this sweet lady gives to so many causes. First and foremost, Kat Simons might just be one of the strongest animal advocates in Richmond. If you spend any amount of time reading her blog or perusing her Facebook page, you will see post after post of animal related advocacy. Several times a week she promotes specific animals needing adoption and the list of animal-related awareness events that she emcees each year is long and full of animal love. But, animals are not her only cause. Kat is involved in just about everything. She emcees the Pink Tie Gala every year, she’s active with veteran’s organizations such at Guitars for Veterans, and just a few hours after receiving her cake yesterday, she was off to emcee a fashion show at a retirement home (the name unfortunately has slipped my mind) where the residents strut the runway. This woman gives of her time to so many worthy causes and she, my friends, deserves cake.

The delivery yesterday was a lot of fun. Paul was really helpful in coordinating the delivery—a crucial aspect of any nomination. Because of the nature of her job, we had to be sneaky, but also respectful of her time. She knew that a surprise was coming, but had no idea what is was. I got to the front desk and explained I was there to see Kat, but that she had no idea who I was. The front desk employee called up to Kat and, clearly from the one-sided conversation I heard, there was a bit of confusion—and a little bit of blind trust. I was lead back through the locked door and given direction up to the studio. Left and rights and hand gestures were thrown out and, as I fully expected, I was lost the moment I stepped off the elevator. I eventually found help and made it to Kat’s studio. Within minutes I knew that she just might be one of the nicest people on the planet. She was so excited and shocked. I got a couple of pictures and then she decided to walk me around the office to show off her cake. I’ve never been to a radio station before. I didn’t really know what to expect, but I think in my subconscious I was hoping to walk onto the set of WKRP. Alas there was not Venus Flytrap or Les Nessman with duct tape walls. But, it was so much fun, all the same. Before leaving, Kat said she wanted to have me back next week for an interview. Yay!

As for the cake, this week was a Blueberry Cream Cake from a blog called Cinnamon Spice and Everything Nice. (recipe found here.) As I’ve mentioned before, I always make a test cake. This one was delicious. It’s much lighter than I had thought it would be. Of course, just because the test cake was good doesn’t mean that the final cake turned out the same way. I don’t get to taste the actual cake that goes to the recipient, obviously, and I’m a little worried about this one. It seemed a tad bit jiggly.

I said before that the theme of this post was about time. I’ve talked about Kat and now I want to talk about another very special woman. I’m a little late getting the post out this week because I had to go out of town soon after battering Kat. Yesterday was also my grandmother’s 91st birthday. Talk about time! 91 years. It’s worth repeating. She is a cook, a hostess, a philanthropist, a southern lady, and an inspiration. She is a huge part of who I am and what Batter Up is all about. Happy birthday grandma!