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Week 43: CAKE! A Teacher Week

Dear Batter Up friends—WOW! What a week!

The first (yes, by first I’m implying there could be a second) CAKE! A Teacher Week was SO MUCH FUN! I truly loved seeing everyone’s pictures and hearing their stories. As you can see, there were lots of cakes and smiles. Here’s a little play by play from the people who participated. In some cases I’ve left their comments in their own words. In other cases I’ve pieced together information from various conversations. Take a minute to read about all of the people that participated.


“We delivered our cakes to Bean’s teachers last Wednesday. We baked Oreo chocolate cake with chocolate ganache icing and caramel drizzle. Yum! They were thrilled and very moved to receive our little gifts. This is especially poignant as we found out today that one of her teachers had a mini-stroke over the weekend and is in the hospital. We are glad to have been able to tell her how much she means to us.”

“Our cake delievery this morning was to Thomas McSwain Elementary in Staunton, VA. The kindergarten teachers were happy for a treat! Our second cake delivery of the morning was to Two by Two Learning Center in Staunton, VA. The cakes were pound cakes with chocolate ganache and carmel drizzle.”

Theresa made Triple Chocolate Bundt Cakes with homemade HOT FUDGE! (I want to lick the screen right about now.) She delivered them to the husbands of two teachers with whom she works. The husbands got to be the ones to surprise their wives when they got home. One is a teacher in Chesterfield County and the other homeschools three boys. “Both cakes went over like gangbusters. Both women were so surprised and appreciative.”

“Forrest batters Ms. Sue at the Halifax County, Virginia public library’s Wednesday story group. She is a great teacher!”

“Thomas McSwain Elementary in Staunton, Va got “caked” twice this week! We have some of the best teachers around! On Monday, Nicholas took his teacher Mrs. Eldred a chocolate cake with a whipped cream cheese icing.” (Side note—If I had a prize to give out to the prettiest cake, this just might be it. WOW!)

That’s my mom! I had originally wanted to do a cake for my mom, but she was out for the last half of teacher week. So I took the week off from baking (for the first time in 43 weeks) and battered her a week later. She got her favorite—a Macaroon Pound Cake, which just happens to be her recipe. Mom was a teacher, dean, and assistant headmaster for 30+ years. And yes, she was my math teacher for four of them.

My mom made a Cocoa Pound Cake for her goddaughter, Renee Bellows, who teaches at Lancaster County Primary School.

“Pals Teachers (shout out to @Karen Artus) at Bensley Elementary school have been caked!” I caught up with Nathalia at the 804UM and she told me the story behind this cake. She apparently turned the oven off but forgot to take the cake out. She got up the next morning to find it still sitting in the oven, hard as a brick. She got really creative and saved it, but I can’t remember how. Nathalia, if you’re reading this, remind me and I’ll update the post—or post the answer in the comments. Enquiring minds want to know! (And it makes me so happy to know that I’m not the only one out there screwing up cakes. ;-) )

“Jazz caked her teachers today! It was sooo much fun. Next year do it for 2 weeks. I’ve thought of so many teachers I want to cake!” And FYI, Megan made a Lemon Cake and a Cinnamon Roll Cake.

“Brown sugar pound cake from a very special cookbook. Coming with me to Halifax Middle School tomorrow. Yes, I’ll share.” Mary Helen is a teacher herself so she took a cake in to share with her colleagues. That very special cookbook she referenced, seen in the picture, is my mom and grandmother’s cookbook that they put together many years ago. And you’ll notice another cake wrapped up in the background. Mary Helen’s sweet mom made one for her to take to work too.

“Someone is getting cake tomorrow! Vanilla cream cheese cake with raspberry filling! Yum!”

“Look who we surprised with cake! Ms. Nancy teaches a community music class (6 times a week) to 10 month olds- preschoolers (she is brave!) We made Strawberry Sour Cream Cake! And Calvin didn’t want to share. :)”

“Today I caked the best fitness instructor and personal trainer I know – Magen Brock! She’s at ACAC Charlottesville. The cake is gluten-free Dutch chocolate with peanut butter icing.”

“It all started with a mixer at 9:30pm last night to make sour cream pound cakes for 3 deserving teachers. Love notes were written for each and presentations were made this morning! God bless teachers! Sadie’s preschool teacher, Ms. Dawn, is pictured. I didn’t have an opportunity to get a picture with Sadie’s teacher and assistant because we walked in a minute before class started. Go figure!?! Hope they know how much we appreciate them! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to do the battering this week!”

“Caked my son’s awesome Pre-K teacher at Tye River Elementary School in Arrington, VA!”

I want that Peanut Butter Cup Cake RIGHT NOW! But, alas, Mrs. Schroeter got it instead. This was a recipe that I had pinned on my Batter Up board. Erin contacted me to ask if I had ever made it and I told her no, but I wanted details. This is what she had to say, “Tomorrow is cake day. We just finished making this decadent creation. Based on my small samples, it was so yummy! The cake is very moist & the frosting is very creamy, but not too sweet. Nice balance of flavors. It wasn’t too difficult. I should have had the ganache cool more, but I still think it turned out good!” Later Erin wrote, “Ryn, I found out Mrs. Schroeter couldn’t wait & cut a piece of cake at lunch. She said it was amazing! I would make this cake again for sure.” And that Lemon Pound cake went to, “Stephen’s fantastic Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Topp & assistant teacher, Mrs. Borecki.” By the way, Erin wins the prize for being the farthest participant from the Richmond home base—she’s in Wisconsin!

That’s the end of the pictures, but wait! There’s more! There were several participants who sent details, but didn’t have pictures.


“I just delivered 3 cakes, a pie, and 60 cupcakes to Brookhaven Elementary School in Aspen Hill, Md. We interrupted their classes, so I couldn’t take photos of the teachers with their cakes, but today was a make-up day from all the snow days earlier this year and the surprise was a big hit. Thanks Ryn, it was fun to participate.” I just have to add, Shannon is a baking fool. She made several test cakes and she’s always re-pinning my recipes. Bake on sista!

“Sent the kids to school with cupcakes, though rumor has it more were eaten by students than teachers!”

Ann’s delivery was more coincidental, but I thought I would include it anyway. Her EMMAS group has had a school appreciation ministry going on all year and they deliver cakes to various school related employees (teachers, bus drivers, custodial staff, etc.). Their April delivery just happened to coincide with teacher week. They delivered five cakes—Hummingbird, Vanilla Pound, Chocolate Bundt, Madarin Orange, and Lemon Pound to the Lancaster County Primary School.

Michal sent me this awesome message. “Oh my goodness I totally get why you cake people. I just contacted a HS principal about caking a teacher this week and he was great! I get to go to her homeroom on Friday. Yay, for your brilliance at starting this.” After her delivery she wrote, “Just delivered a cake to a fantastic high school teacher at Richmond Community High! I failed on taking pictures. Heather Kistler Crone is that fantastic teacher!”


And that concludes the Teacher Week wrap-up. It looks like 20 bakers participated and, based on the feedback, everyone had a blast. I’m thinking we should do another one for back to school in the fall. Thoughts?

In the interim, keep on baking. You don’t need a special reason to take someone a cake. You can do it just because people are awesome! (I do it all the time. ;-) )