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Week 3: James Tew

Dear Batter Up Readers,

Meet James Tew and his co-workers. James is the one basking in cake glow. In the group shot, we have (l to r) Alison, Emily, James, Bonita, Pat, and Cullen.

James is a project manager at Dominion and has just led a pretty amazing project to launch. The Solar Purchase Program is allowing Dominion to add solar power to it’s energy generating repertoire for the first time. That’s huge news! But what is even more amazing about this program is that, not only has Dominion made this eco-friendly step forward, but they have also created an avenue in which Virginians can bring in a little extra monthly revenue for their households. Basically, you tell Dominion that you want to sign up for this program, you install the solar generation system on your property, and then you sell the solar Renewable Energy Certificates back to Dominion. Despite the fact that the program just launched on June 19th, (exactly one month ago today) it is almost completely sold out.

My good friend Alison Kaufmann (pictured in the group photo) also works at Dominion and was responsible for nominating James. It was a small team that pulled this project together but it was James who spearheaded the project and played such a key role in bringing solar power to Dominion’s power lineup.

I have to say that this was a really fun delivery to make. The first delivery to the NICU was really fast. Because of what they do, it wasn’t as if all of the nurses could just take a break. The delivery to the firehouse was also very quick. We never moved past the front bay and, after a couple of quick photo ops, headed out the door. This delivery, however, turned into an impromptu party! Alison met me at the security desk and took me up to James’ floor. We headed towards his cubicle (corporate America just cracks me up) and we filled him in on what was going on. Because in the cubicle system nothing is sacred or quiet, the co-workers started to pop their heads up and peek around the mini walls to see and hear what was going on. Before I knew it, Bonita just magically appeared with plates and forks and knives and everyone ate Lemonade Layer Cake. (You can find the recipe from Cooking Light here.) They were all so surprised and excited—what a great way to start the weekend.

And for those of you who work in downtown Richmond in one of the many tall buildings surrounding Dominion—If you happened to look out your window this morning to see a woman balancing a white cake box in one hand while playing human Frogger in the middle of Cary Street, it was just me. I had to retrieve all of my tchotchkes after the wind blew them. You can’t have cake without tchotchkes. If the video pops up on YouTube I’ll be sure to post it here.

Until next week!