BatterUp is a blog, a social experiment, and a movement to encourage people to connect with each other over homemade food. I do this with free cake.
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Week 36: Joe Sparatta

Dear Batter Up friends, meet Joe Sparatta, chef/owner of Heritage restaurant, and his lovely wife Emilia! Joe was first brought to my attention by Larkin Garbee (week 5 cake recipient). This is what she wrote: “Joe Sparatta…is the owner and chef [at Heritage] and is doing a guest chef series where he opens up on […]

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Week 35: John Sarvay

Dear Batter Up friends, meet John Sarvay—Richmond community member extraordinaire! John is one of those people that is a little hard to write about because he has done, is doing, and will continue to do SO MUCH for the Richmond community. Knowing that I needed help pin-pointing some of the things I should cover about […]

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Week 34: Dana Nelson

Dear Batter Up friends, meet Dana Nelson—a pillar in the community and one of the most giving spirits I’ve ever seen. Dana was nominated by his wife Lee Nelson. In her nomination email Lee shared with me a beautiful tribute that had been written about Dana by a close friend who threw him a huge […]

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Week 33: Cardiac Care Units

Dear Batter Up friends, look who got battered—it’s the cardiac care units at the VCU Medical Center, Chippenham Hospital, and St. Mary’s Hospital! I have to admit, I’ve always been a little bit of a Valentine’s Day Scrooge. So, when I was thinking about this week’s delivery, I decided to embrace the holiday, Batter Up […]