BatterUp is a blog, a social experiment, and a movement to encourage people to connect with each other over homemade food. I do this with free cake.
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Week 40: Patience Salgado

Dear Batter Up friends, meet Patience Salgado—Richmond’s own Kindness Girl! This woman is incredible. Honestly, I’ve kinda been putting this blog post off because the immense impact that this woman is having on not just the RVA community, but the kindness revolution that is slowly taking hold of America, is immeasurable—and certainly difficult to summarize […]

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Week 39: Sarah Milston

Dear Batter Up friends, meet Sarah Milston—one of the busiest bees in RVA! As I sit here trying to write this blog post, I am completely overwhelmed by finding a starting point. This woman has done so much for Richmond over the last 10+ years that it’s hard to recap in one little blog. So, […]

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Week 38: Richmond SPCA

Dear Batter Up friends, meet Carrie and Lauren—two of the adoption counselors at the Richmond SPCA! I am a great many things and dog person is most definitely in the upper echelon of that list. I absolutely love them. I prefer the big goofy ones that you can wrap your arms around and, in return, […]

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Week 37: Patty Parks

Dear Batter Up friends, meet Patty Parks—the head honcho people wrangler at the Richmond Public Library! Patty was nominated by Edith Ridderhof (pictured with Patty). This is what Edith wrote in her nomination email: “I first met [Patty] when she was with the William Byrd. She was the outreach director and the manager of the […]