BatterUp is a blog, a social experiment, and a movement to encourage people to connect with each other over homemade food. I do this with free cake.
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Week 9: James River Park System

Meet Matt, Michael, Will, Michael, and Josh. These are the guys (along with their fearless leader Nate Burrel who, unbeknownst to me, was on vacation) who take care of all of the awesome trails and landscapes along our beloved James River. It seems to a be a perfect time to thank them for another great […]

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Week 8: Debbie Johnston

Dear Batter Up readers, meet Debbie Johnston—Richmond’s own Secret Millionaire. This woman is a remarkable inspiration. Growing up the oldest of six children in a modest home in Varina, Virginia, her parents put together the money to send her to nursing school at Johnston-Willis School of Nursing. She graduated and became a RN at Henrico […]

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Week 7: ChildSavers

Dear Batter Up readers, Meet the staff at ChildSavers, with CEO L. Robert Bolling front and center, proudly holding his cake. (And what a beautiful view of the city right outside of the office!) This was a pretty fun, inspiring, and humbling week. I call it, the week of the press. In the last (roughly) […]

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Week 6: Kat Simons

Why yes, that is Kat Simons in that picture. She’s pretty awesome. When I started this project, I had a few people/organizations in mind that I would Batter in the beginning and had hoped that people would rally and start the nomination process. (That would be the whole social experiment portion of this project.) And, […]