BatterUp is a blog, a social experiment, and a movement to encourage people to connect with each other over homemade food. I do this with free cake.
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Week 17: Boaz and Ruth

Dear Batter Up friends, meet the folks making a difference at Boaz & Ruth in the Highland Park neighborhood. They were so happy to get cake! There is so much to say about Boaz and Ruth that I’m not entirely sure where to start. (And there’s a little extra pressure since one of my dearest […]

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Week 16: Honor Flight Virginia

Dear Batter Up readers. Meet the World War II and Korean War veterans, along with the volunteers and guardians, of the October 2013 Honor Flight Virginia trip. What a day! Honor Flight is a really amazing organization. Their purpose is to make sure that any World War II and/or Korean War veteran that wants to […]

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Week 15: Virginia Breast Cancer Foundation

Dear Batter Up fans, meet Katy Sawyer (left) the Executive Director of the Virginia Breast Cancer Foundation and Jennie Southworth the Funds and Volunteer Manager. As most of you know, this is Breast Cancer Awareness Month so it only made sense to honor the hard work that these women do every day—not just one month […]

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Week 14: Josh Epperson and Johnny Hugel

Dear Batter Up fans—meet Josh Epperson and Johnny Hugel, the Feast RVA dynamic duo. I have a special affinity for Feast RVA. I’ve never actually been to the event because there always seems to be something that keeps me from getting there, but I love everything about it for two reasons. First, as many of […]