Happy New Year! — A mid-year message from Batter Up

Happy New Year! — A mid-year message from Batter Up

Today is not only New Year’s Day, but it’s the official six-month mark of the Batter Up social experiment. Wow. Six months has completely flown by. Who would have thought that this little project would have such an impact on people. What started off as a harebrained idea in the middle of the night has turned into a life altering adventure for which I cannot even quantify the results. Having said that, here are some facts and figures on the first six months of the Batter Up experiment:


The project has had 26 weekly deliveries.

I’ve made a total of 56 cakes and 440 Whoopie Pies (with a little help, here and there.)

There have been, collectively, hundreds of recipients.

Over 3000 visits have been made to nextbatterup.com from almost 2000 unique viewers totaling over 9000 page views.

The web site visitors have come from roughly 470 different cities, from 29 different countries, and 46 US States, plus Washington D.C.

As of my official six-month anniversary, I have exactly 600 followers on Facebook. (How appropriate!)


Let me say it again—WOW. If someone had told me before I started this project that I—Ryn Bruce—would be reaching this many people through cake-baking, I would have laughed you out of the room. As I sit here writing this, I’m at a loss for words. This may still be a small project reaching only a handful of people in the grand scheme of life and the world, but it’s certainly the biggest thing I’ve ever done.

Almost daily I am told that what I am doing is an inspiration and I am completely humbled by those words. I don’t even really know how to process them. To me, I’m just a person, baking cakes, writing a blog, and getting by each day like anyone else. But hearing how much this project is affecting others fills me with ambition to do more. I’ve said from the very beginning that there are very few rules and, as we enter a new year—and the second half of the Batter Up social experiment—I promise to keep finding opportunities to celebrate the people who are doing good things for our community. In return I ask you to do the same. As many of you know, when I first started this project, my goal was two-fold. 1. I wanted to get out of my house/office/work-life and meet new people; and 2. I wanted to encourage other people to unplug and do the same. I know that I’ve reached my first goal, but I feel like there is still more room to develop the second goal. Therefore, I challenge each and every one of you to make some homemade food and connect with the people around you this year. Your efforts don’t have to be elaborate. You don’t have to make a big plan ahead of time and you certainly don’t need cards and buttons and stickers, like me. It can be very simple. Bake a cake and meet the neighbor whose name you don’t know. The next time you need to take something to a party make a spinach dip instead of buying the pre-made one in the refrigerated section of the store. Surprise your co-workers on a cold Friday with a warm casserole for lunch. We’re all busy. I completely understand. But we all have the same amount of hours in the day and we all make the active choice to prioritize our life’s to-do list. So, for 2014, I ask everyone reading this to re-evaluate those priorities, if for only one recipe.

And, in closing, I want to extend a HUGE thank you to everyone who has made Batter Up such a success in 2013. This isn’t a one-woman show. There have been tons of people behind the curtain helping me out along the way and I couldn’t be doing this project without their help—and of course the support of my readers.

Wishing each and every one of you a Happy New Year!